This is our catch-all page for technical topics that aren’t covered by the other pages. Here, you’ll find tips & resources to guide you through the worlds of:

  • Podcast hosting
  • File types & compression
  • RSS feeds
  • Metadata
  • Podcatchers & directories

Podcast hosting

Podcast hosting is different than website hosting. You can host your podcast through the same provider as your website, but it’s not recommended. (Here’s an explanation of why.)

Here’s a comparison of several popular hosts with pricing included. I’ve also heard great things about Pinecast, which starts at $5 month.

You may have seen Anchor around, and be intrigued by the promise of free hosting; some people have noted concerns with Anchor’s Terms of Service, which is worth reading up on before you decide either way.

File types & compression

RSS feeds


Podcatchers & directories

  • Once you have your RSS feed, you can submit your podcast to directories. Here’s a list of places to submit your podcast, starting with the big names.
  • After it’s in directories (the largest ones are iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Spotify), it will start showing up in podcatchers — apps that people use to listen to podcasts (Overcast is one example). Most podcatchers get podcasts straight from the iTunes directory, but some are both directories and podcatchers (Spotify and Stitcher, for example).
  • If you’re feeling extra ambitious, after you cover the big names, you can submit your show to other directories – here’s a pretty comprehensive list.