Australian Fiction Podcasting Resources

Massive thanks to Erin Kyan of Passer Vulpes Productions for writing this page with additional resources and input from Jess O’Callaghan of Audiocraft and Lee Davis-Thalbourne (also of Passer Vulpes Productions).

Topics covered on this page:

  • Hosting
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  • Organizations and Programs
  • Communities & Groups
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Wooshkaa is an Australian podcast host for Australian creators. They offer free hosting, a whole range of tools for managing your podcast, and will also help match you with brands so you can monetize effectively. The Whooshkaa team is very keen to help you set up and run your podcast, so if you’re not sure on where to start, they can help you out.


Adelaide Podcast Festival

A festival that focuses mainly on live shows, the Adelaide Podcast Festival usually takes place during the Adelaide Fringe Festival. Their recorded shows are released for free via the AdlPodFest podcast feed


Audiocraft is an annual podcast conference in Sydney.  It’s usually a three day affair, with special events on a Friday night to open, a conference on the Saturday, and then workshops and other events on the Sunday.

Audiocraft is a great event with a lot of interesting and experimental events made a part of it.  There’s always a huge range of things to do and people to meet, and the event is run incredibly well.  It’s welcoming to podcasters at all stages of their careers.

Audiocraft record their conference sessions and release them for free via the Audiocraft podcast feed, so if you are tight on money but still want some really great presentations to help you along your way in podcasting, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Australian Podcast Awards 

Once your podcast is published, you’re eligible to enter the Australian Podcast Awards!  The Australian Podcast Awards are an annual celebration of the best in podcasting. Entry usually costs around $30 per podcast, and the ceremony is held either in Sydney or Melbourne.


IndiePodFest is an annual festival for independent podcasts and aspiring podcast creators held in Melbourne.  It is designed for both podcasters and fans of podcasts, and champions the DIY nature and spirit of podcasting.


OzPod is an annual ABC-run podcasting conference in Melbourne.  There’s usually a focus on ABC podcasts, however there is usually some presence from independent podcasts as well.  OzPod is usually a single day conference.

We Are Podcast

We Are Podcast is an annual conference in Brisbane with a focus specifically on podcast marketing and business management.


You can gain greater exposure for your podcast with audiences both in Australia and globally by listing your podcast with these directories.

Organizations & Programs

All The Best Radio

All The Best is a weekly radio program made by emerging radio producers that is broadcast across Australia’s community radio network. They’ll support you through making a story for their show, it’s a great way to learn about making audio stories – pitches welcome from anywhere in Australia.

Arts Access Australia

Arts Access Australia is an organization dedicated to the inclusion of disabled people in the arts, as both artists and audience.  AAA can offer consultation, advocacy, networking, and connect you with resources such as interpreters, accessible venues, or disability groups.  They also have some resources on their website such as a primer on disability language, or a document on making your marketing effective towards a disabled audience.

Arts Law

Arts Law is an organization dedicated to the law as it applies to creative arts in Australia.  Their services include advocacy, consultations and legal advice, workshops and other education, and an online information hub containing huge amounts of useful information, including templates for legal documents (such as talent releases, content licensing, etc).  Arts Law will be invaluable to you in making sure your production is being legally responsible – refer to them frequently and thoughtfully.  

Australian Copyright Council 

As an Australian producing a podcast, you are subject to Australian laws surrounding copyright.  The Australian Copyright Council website will let you check and read up on copyright laws as they stand in Australia, and you can also access consultation and legal advice via the ACC as well.

A Note On Fair Dealing in Copyright Law

I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice, but I’d like to point out that while Australia does have a “fair dealing” copyright consideration, it is worth noting that unlike the more commonly discussed USA laws, there is no “transformative work” exception.  You are not allowed to use copyrighted works in “transformative art” without permission in Australia legally, unless you are meeting a fair dealing exception in some other way in your work. For the full legislation detailing what you can and can’t do without a copyright holder’s permission, check the ACC’s relevant page here.

The Wheeler Centre

The Wheeler Centre is a literary organization in Melbourne that does all kinds of events, fellowships, workshops, you name it, they do it.  The Wheeler Centre is a fantastic point of contact if you want to get your foot in the door into the word-based arts industry in Melbourne.

Writers Victoria 

Writers Vic, as the name implies, is an organization for writers in Victoria.  They run workshops and other types of programs, aggregate writer groups and competitions, host a huge range of resources on their website, fund fellowships and mentorships, as well as a lot of other things.  Most of their events are open to non-members, but members do get discounts as well as some other benefits (like a newsletter, free listings of your work, access to the library, etc).

Community Groups

Australian Fiction Podcast Makers

AFPM is a group for fiction podcast makers in Australia.  There’s a facebook group and a monthly Melbourne meet up (hopefully meetups in other cities will pop up in future).  The group was built specifically to start building up an audio fiction community in Australia by bringing people who create fiction podcasts together and letting us network and support each other.

Facebook Groups


ABC Pronounce 

ABC Pronounce is guide for the pronunciation of names, places, and other terms not typically found in the dictionary.  Designed for ABC presenters, it’s simple to use and very useful.

CBAA/CMTO Free Webinars

CBAA/CMTO has a Youtube playlist of free webinars for community broadcasters – includes audio editing tutorials and tips for broadcasting on a budget.