This resource directory is aimed at people who are self-taught and/or solo podcasters (as you may have guessed from the name!) working on audio fiction podcasts. Whether you’re doing a scripted audio drama or an actual-play podcast, you’ll be able to find what you need here to get your project off the ground.

Here are a few general resources to get you started:

This will be a constant work-in-progress, but as of right now the pages are categorized as follows:

  • Audio (equipment, software, getting good audio, finding sound effects)
  • Story (everything related to the storytelling and script-writing process)
  • Marketing (social media, press, PR, and getting the word out)
  • Technical (hosting, file types, RSS feeds, statistics, and other miscellaneous technical things not covered under one of the other categories)
  • Acting & directing (conveying emotion, learning to direct your actors)
  • Production process (commonly used words, what the standard production process looks like, tools to help you stay organized during the process)
  • Community (how to find other fiction podcasters to talk to and hang out with online/in person, mentorship programs for podcasters)

We’re also working on pages with resources for podcasters outside of the USA and resources that are in languages other than English. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered by the existing resources, or a resource you found useful and would like to see included, feel free to send me an email or a tweet and I’ll add it to the list.

Join the Discord!

We’ve also created a Discord server for self-taught & solo creators — you can join by clicking here. For the purposes of the server, I’m defining those terms loosely as: 

  • Self taught: No formal experience (nothing past high school) in creative writing, acting, directing, audio work, etc., before you started your podcast. (If you have some experience in one of these areas, but it’s not the main skill you’re using in your podcast, feel free to join.)
  • Solo: You’re the person doing 95%+ of the work in your podcast. (If you have multiple projects with some of them being solo ventures & some not, you’re welcome, especially if you’re also self-taught.)

If either of these applies to you, please join! We’d love to have you. (And if you’re not sure if you technically fit, but you’re interested in joining, join anyways. We’re more interested in hanging out with cool people than nitpicking definitions.)

Contributors and co-organizers:

I (Michelle Nickolaisen) created this site and community, but getting even the version one of it up wouldn’t have been possible without the following contributors and co-organizers: